No power on GF Pro

Hello. In November of 2021 my GF Pro was replaced. 2 days after I got the replacement it would not power on. I would unplug, wait a few plug back in and it would power up. It has done that every 2 or 3 shut downs since I got the replacement. Today it will not power back on. I checked the socket by plugging something else in, I changed out the cord from a desktop computer we have. Nothing has worked thus far. I am panicking as I have many orders to get out. Does any one have a suggestions of other things that I can try?

GF has just changed their support model. The Support team no longer works through the forum to help with customer issues. You’ll have to email them at - they’ll work with you through email.

This does sound like a hardware failure so it would have ended up in email support anyway. It’s not likely anything you can resolve locally.


So you are saying the machine is on and then suddenly looses power? And you sometimes can revive it by removing the power a few seconds before turning it back on?

I am just confused because it sounds like you would trouble shoot not powering on by removing the power cable. Which is not really how power would work and so I want to make sure I am understanding what you are describing. Unless you are saying that you would try and turn it on, it would not turn on, and so you disconnected the power cable for a few seconds and then reconnect it and it would then turn on?

The second. Sorry I was not clear. I would try to turn it on to use it and it would not come on. I would unplug it and wait a few plug it back on and try again and it would come on.

…plug it back ‘in’.

That is a very interesting technique :slight_smile:

I believe your machine might have issues with the internal connection to the external power cord. Is the machine still under warranty? If so, I would wait till you hear back from glowforge staff via email (assuming you sent them a problem and support request).

Meanwhile, what type of orders are you needing help with? There certainly are options in the glowforge community to rent out use on machines.

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I still do that for electronics. There are a lot of devices where “off” isn’t really off. Gotta pull the plug to really kill it. GF is likely not one of those, but I wouldn’t hesitate to try that with a GF due to the capacitor effect (I’ve never pulled the GF’s power supply apart so I don’t know it has that, but it’s cheap, easy and fast to just cover that base by pulling the cord).

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Absolutely sounds like a dodgy power supply; I’ve also experienced devices that needed to be unplugged for a while to reset properly. It could have been a “resettable fuse” as well, they heat up and pop, and need to cool down to work again.

Chances of being able to fix this at home are extremely low (unless you’re MyDogsThinkImCrazy).

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