No proof grade materal

Where can I get wood from that will be safe with my glowforge (basic) pls help! :slight_smile:

Tons pf info in this forum, just do a search. There are literally hundreds of sources of safe materials. Be specific, plywood, hardwood, any certain species…
If you’re near a Home Depot, you can even search on their website, just type in “Glowforge”


I tried both with no luck but so plywood or hardwood is safe to use?

Some plywoods aren’t all that good due to the fillers used (may not cut through) but hardwoods and even most softwoods are good. So is MDF.


Here’s a search to get you started – there have been lots of discussions about sources, so there’s a lot to comb through. :slight_smile:


Where are you located? There may be local sources to you as well as the big chains as mentioned before.

Stores that sell material that will work in the laser generally are prepared for the “is it laser safe” question. Be sure to ask the question, but there are literally thousands (hundreds of thousands?) of things that are safe so there’s no quick answer to your question.

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