No Proofgrade or Inventables code

So, I ordered 02/05/2018. My Pro is scheduled to be here this Wednesday! I haven’t received a proofgrade material email. I also didn’t find a code for the Inventables credit in my email, just the training guide. I hate to bug anyone if it’s just going to show up! I’m just hoping I’ll have some material to play with when it gets here😍 is there somewhere specific I should be looking for the code?


Check your spam folder. My Inventables code came from Dan at Glowforge and contained the word Inventables in the subject.
The GF credit is automatically loaded into your account. You don’t get a separate email, you just log into and add stuff to your cart. You won’t see the amount of the credit until checkout.


I think the Inventables gift code was a limited time gift for those who were waiting at the time of one of the delays.

The Proofgrade starter pack though ships from a different location (TN) so perhaps hasn’t shipped yet. The shipping notice with tracking info gets sent out after it is well on it’s way (one or two days) so will only beat the materials if you live far enough away from Tennessee.

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… I ordered 1st october 2015. No Glowforge, proofgrade or credits in the mail yet. I think patience is key.


I was vaguely aware of GF having caught up with pre-orders, but I didn’t realize you could buy a new one today and have it within a month. I missed some important news!


I’m really shocked by it!

I didn’t think I would, but all the emails say I’m getting it. I’m in Arkansas, thanks!

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I’ve checked several times, but will look again. Thanks!

Pro or Basic? @darkdesign
That’s why I asked here. Hoping not to bug the staff with it. I’ve been stalking the website & saving for 2+ years. I’m trying😂

I haven’t seen any announcements either @chris1
I’m just assuming they will update in the next round when they have more definites.

Correct. It was for the pre-orders during the crowdsharing (thru Oct 2015). It was because they missed the Dec ship and the “clock” started then until you got your email.

As far as I know there is no Inventables gift certificate or credit for someone that ordered in 2018 or even past mid 2017. These were compensations for the lengthy delay. If a person ordered recently there has been no unexpected delay.

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