No reply for troubleshooting

I do not know what is going wrong with the glowforge support team. But there is no reply for my email for almost four days. I sent the email to 3 times for the past three days but there is just no reply at all. The simple question I have is just to place cord order to solve the lid open problem. There is no cellphone number can be found for this company through their website. This is my last place to find someone’s help and to see if there is any other people have the same issue.

Posting here is the right next step. Sometimes emails get lost and there is no other way for them to know about it. As soon as they see your post here someone will likely be in touch.

Thank you so much for your information, Jules.

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I sincerely apologize that we haven’t replied to your issue in a timely manner. We’re working on it now, and will follow up via email shortly. Thank you so much for your patience.

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