No reply from support in almost a week

Emailed support 8/11 and 8/15 with no reply. Tried to reply to my original email as stated on the support page but still nothing. Multiple issues and no help being offered.

Photos and video were sent. Wheel on carriage plate is broken. Machine is also drifting to the right when printing.

I had a spare carriage plate so swapped the entire thing out and the drifting to the right is still happening. No loops/knots in cables. Clean connections - no issues visible or found. Machine is focused on material before every single cut. Calibration was done twice with no improvement. Machine is on a level table and has not been moved. Print head has not been bumped. Printing about a 1/4" to the right compared to the design that was uploaded. Wasted an incredible amount of wood and slate trying to make this work since support won’t reply.

I’d appreciate it if somebody would reply to help solve this problem.

Just another owner here, but when you emailed, did you receive their automated reply? If not, perhaps communication went into your spam/junk folder? They do monitor this catagory here on the forum though, so hopefully someone will get back to you very soon.


I’m so sorry for our delayed response @dipasqua002. We aim to provide prompt and helpful support. We failed to do that here, I apologize.

We’ll definitely want to get you a replacement wheel, and I’ll need some personal information from you.

To simplify our communication, I’m going to respond to your email ticket. I’ll wait to close this post out until I’ve heard back from you.

I see that you have replied to my colleague’s email, so I am going to go ahead and close out this post!