No reply since April 28th on replacement unit


My business partner has been going back and forth with technical support about an issue with our glowforge. Support had determined that it was NOT an issue that could be fixed remotely, and so it was decided to send us a different unit. Glowforge support wanted to send us a refurbished unit. We had not been using it for quite a month and were not happy with that - we wanted a new unit to replace our new unit. She emailed back with that reply on April 28th and it’s been CRICKETS since then from Glowforge. She has sent emails daily without any sort of response. What’s going on? We spent thousands on this and it’s not working properly. We’d like to hear back regarding a replacement - waiting over a week to hear back is not acceptable. If you need her name or email I can send that to you. Thanks for your time.

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Understand your desire to have a new unit. I don’t disagree. Though it’s not an unusual policy. Have had phones and computers replaced with refurbished units even though they were only a few weeks old. Is becoming an industry standard practice.

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That’s only part of the issue, however. There’s a complete lack of response for about 10 days. That’s what I’m most concerned with. Thanks!

Have seen a lot of email communications concerning unit returns be lost due to spam filters or other email glitches. Support will respond here but you might want to check.

There’s nothing there. She’d already been communicating with them and starred all their messages, but she checked just to be sure and there’s nothing.

By posting here you’ve opened a new ticket - so they’ll find your old ticket and merge them. If they’ve been responding they’ll say so - and then the search for lost emails happens - if they haven’t they’ll also so say so - it’s possible they’ve been trying to get you what you want…though yeah - you’ve got a broken machine, replacing it with a refurbished one is industry standard. If it makes you feel any better, the refurbished one I got was actually better (closer to focus) than my original one :slight_smile:

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Yeah, at this point I’d take a refurbished machine, but I’m mainly concerned with the lack of response.

I am terribly sorry for the lapse in communication. It looks like some of your emails were not coming through. I have started a new email thread to resolve this issue, so I am going to close this thread.