No response from glowforge!

'My GF has been offline for 4 days. I have left VM’s, emails & still no response. I get the automated email but nothing else. I don’t understand after $5,000 & under warranty why no response.This GF is only 5 months old & already several issues. I have done all the Troubleshooting , Internet settings, New box setups ,hotspots & more…This isn’t the busy season so I don’t understand the delay.I have orders sitting & going to loose 3 large orders due to time restraints.Can you get ahold of Management ? Someone PLEASE HELP

It’s Monday, they don’t work weekends.

it also is the busy season, with their limited staff they are still playing catchup from the holidays.


I understand this but its been 4 days. As a small business owner I can’t afford to loose 3 large orders because they can’t make a simple phone call.Thanks

This isn’t a business machine, it’s an entry-level home hobby machine, like a Cricut or Silhouette. Commercial businesses don’t depend on those, if it’s essential they use commercial equipment and get business-level support for their investment.

Glowforge support is commensurate with the price you paid. You may think it’s a lot but it’s peanuts in the world of laser cutting.

That’s just the reality of buying a budget machine. Right now it appears from comments posted here it’s taking many business days to get any response from them and, again, they don’t work weekends.


Thanks for your opinion that is not mine.We can agree to disagree.I just want a phone call for support.

They do not use this forum for support, so keep calling or send emails -although every email opens a new ticket, which they have to correlate and combine, so that slows them down.


Wow, this is not encouraging news. I emailed them today & called. So, it sounds like I’ll be waiting awhile to get resolution with my issue. My machine is only a little over 4 months old. I do know they are jolly on the spot to contact you about buying though.

You can easily order a new mirror. They are in stock and you don’t need to talk to Support. It is a good idea to have a spare on hand even if Glowforge replaces yours when you contact them.


No offense, dkl, you and I get along, but I don’t agree with this.

The optics are in my opinion “life of the machine” components. You should only ever need to replace them due to negligent cleaning habits.

The cable, well that is stressed every time you open the lid, and I have one on-hand for when it ultimately fails.

The lens, mirror and windows just need a simple wipe-down now and then. There is no reason they should fail if adequately maintained.

This is my opinion. We all know what that is worth.

i ordered one a few minutes ago. I just hope this is the problem. I figured out how to attach the piece that slides back in fourth. I am no pro at this however, I thank God my dad taught me how to be a handy woman. I feel like I am a bother asking questions on this forum. I just needed advice from experts. Thank everyone for their time.

The purpose of the forum is for users to help one another. You are not bothering anyone by asking questions. We all learn from one another, and we have different opinions about the Glowforge. This is a civil forum where we respect one another and everyone is pretty kind. (In my experience).

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I agree that the optics should not need replacing. Like you, mine are over 4 years old and going strong. I have spares, however, because stuff happens and the parts are available and I would be sad if I needed something and it was out of stock.


I received my GF 12 days ago and it doesn’t work. I’m very disappointed and I would like my money back. I called and sent emails and they didn’t give me a solution. I thought it was a good company.

Laser optics are consumables. They are not expected to last a lifetime, or even the life of the machine. That’s why laser manufacturers sell replacement optics, often in the “consumables” category of their online stores. Glowforge is no exception.


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