No Response From Support

Glowforge had mentioned that they would ship my printer last week via email . That did not happen.

Then I was told they are trying to get it out today (Monday) now despite several emails it’s been radio silence.

They have not even responded to my email from Friday . To say this is how we are treated when buying a product worth $6k is unacceptable .

How many of you currently have radio silence from Glowforge ?

The issue here is generally that support does not process the shipments or label creation, it’s done at a different location. Unfortunately they tend to respond when they have some information to provide. I know it prob does not help with the delay of information, but if you have not already I would sign up for FedEx and UPS delivery manager services. Both will notify you right away when a shipping label is created to your address. This will generally come well before support notifies you of the tracking information.

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Make sure you check spam folder also.That happened to me couple of times. In my experience though they have been super quick to help. They even helped without responding once and just sent me what I needed.

Thank you ! All my emails from them came through with no problem . So I doubt that’s it , I just hate that they keep failing to meet what they say

I’m so sorry we haven’t been able to ship your Glowforge yet. I’m working with our team to get your Glowforge out to you as soon as possible. I’ve just sent you an email as well, so I’m going to close this topic.