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There is not a new response I sent them to replacement the unit because there are told me the problem with the unit I don’t know what’s the problem so they are not answering and you know guys this is the busiest time in the hall of the year so I want to work if they are not fix it during this week I want to return it

You will get a replacement. That is clear. They are very good at taking care of the warranty replacements.

They normally receive the old unit or do a credit hold before sending a new one. That is great they are making an exception and getting one to you.

The lack of communication is a problem. The shipping notifications aren’t always available or don’t come. Yours might be on the way or show up in some cases and you didn’t even get a delivery date.

I know it is busy for you this time of the year. It is busy for everyone. I hope it is resolved quickly for you.

Since you posted this in Everything Else, which is not a category Glowforge support monitors, I assume you are just requesting feedback from other forum members. They will make it right.

If you are giving them an ultimatum of either receiving a new unit this week or cancelling, you are better just sticking with contacting them on the same email topic you have posted.

I hope it works out that you get a good unit right away. They do work great, except sometimes when they don’t.

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