No scroll bar in GFUI in Chrome?!

When I load and see my catalog of things I own or have uploaded I have no scroll bar. If I hadn’t accidently zoomed out on the page from 100% I would have never known there were more files there. What the heck is going on? Is it something with Chrome? Thanks in advance!

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There’s no scroll bar. You use the scroll wheel on your mouse, or scroll with a touch screen, until you see the Show More button. Then your other files will load.

On Firefox I can use the down arrow button to scroll but that doesn’t seem to work in Chrome.

well… not everyone has or uses those. I use a drawing tablet with a pen. It’s a simple scroll… it shouldn’t be limited. It’s about the easiest thing to program. :frowning:

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Sorry–just trying to help!

That wasn’t at you @cynd11! :stuck_out_tongue: It just seems a simple design thing that I don’t get why they would remove… it’s a scroll bar. lol

We probably need some other folks to weigh in here. Because I have a scrolling mouse, I haven’t looked into other things. So maybe it’s just a browser setup thing.

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Definitely haven’t optimized for tablet or mobile, although they are working on a mobile app from the video posted before.

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Yeah I design using a pen instead of a mouse… less carpal tunnel issues as well… more natural… and I can use it to slide down a page, but I don’t have a scroll on the side. It DID come with a mouse I can go look for, but I don’t believe it has a scroller thingymabobber either. lol


Windows or Mac?

You can use the two finger slide motion on a Windows 8+ device.

And again, you can use the up and down arrows on Firefox.

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Yeah I am a Google diehard… those don’t work or the page up and down. Only zooming out I am finding… I wish there was a way to see them in small thumbnail and name or a list too and not huge thumbnails… while I am at it :slight_smile:

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Haha–add 'em to the wishlist.

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Temporary workaround - you should be able to click in dead space, say between the 1st and 2nd row and between column 1 and column 2, and then use arrow keys or spacebar to jump down.

I have no idea why, but someone at Glowforge has it out for scrollbars. They hide them wherever they can. It presents some real usability issues (or at the very least confusion) for a lot of users.

If they didn’t take steps to hide them the scrollbars would show up by default. They’re actively doing their best to make the scrollbars disappear. :frowning:



It should be, but it’s not. There are fundamental differences between the render engines used by the various browsers that make it quite difficult to provide a consistent UX across the board.

What pen do you use? Many of them emulate the middle button scroll with a key/button combo.

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What are you specifically using? Could you just set the hotkey/scroll wheel/pen button to zoom or or down arrow or space bar or whatever it is you need to make it work better for you?

For some reason half of my cintiq right side hot keys always forget what they’re doing. But all the other ones work great. And the click pen button is reliable. On my surface some-number-less-than-five, I think the clicky button pops up a ghosty-floaty menu thing. I can’t remember exactly… Its mostly a glorified youtube watching device atm.

On my Wacom tablet, the ‘right click’ button on the pen enables dragging the page up or down.


Yeah, i had an issue trying to accept my GF on my phone due to the scrollbar being hidden on the lawyer speak section.

So yeah… why is Glowforge making things harder by blocking the ability to have scroll bars? There is no graphic reason for it… the site is really visually simple. This seems a little silly to me… why make things harder. Like someone else said, you have to tell it not to have them because by default everything scrolls. :frowning: