No Scroll Wheel

I don’t have a scroll wheel. I will never have a scroll wheel. (because I can’t - don’t ask…)

Why would anyone design a UI that requires a scroll wheel? PLEASE fix the UI so that those of us without a scroll wheel can get at all of our colors! Otherwise my beautiful Glowforge is unusable!


I agree that there should not be a requirement for a scroll wheel and I hope they fix this for you but I have learned that we never know how long something like this will be so I always think of how to overcome first.

Can you reduce the number of colors?
Can you install a scroll wheel emulator?

If you have a third mouse button you may be able to set the third mouse button to scroll when held. Other mouse software may allow both buttons held together. This does seem to be an oversight!
This may also help:

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Until it is changed… If you are using a laptop, most laptop touchpads allow you to use two fingers on the pad to scroll.

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Yes, I too have tried to overcome…

I can’t reduce the number of colors because I’m generating test sheets for new materials. So I have something like twenty + colors.

I guess I can look for an emulator. Not a bad idea (but a crummy solution).

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That is true, but I turn off my trackpad because the way I type, my resting hands cause the pointer to jump all over the place. But good suggestions.

And my Android tablet doesn’t have a mouse at all. :-{

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone.

@todd_krein Thank you so much for the feedback. I’ve shared it with the team. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.