No shipment notice

Today I got home and found a UPS sticker on my door. And after researching the infonotice #, and senders destination (Sunnyvale, Ca.)… ding!, it’s my glowforge! And I wasn’t home to receive the packages! :scream:

Waiting for UPS to deliver tomorrow… ugh… the anticipation!

I’ve been checking my email religiously for shipping notifications… nothing. Has this happened to anyone else?


Materials, machine, or accessories?

(No, I haven’t had that happen, but I know that anticipation for sure.)

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The Machine!
No complaints though… this stuff happens.
Just excited!

It’s happened to a few. Primarily, West Coasters like yourself, I believe, where the delivery beats the notification of shipment.

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yeah, my machine arrived a few hours ahead of the shipping email


I’m on the other side of the country, so, nope. But for future (fun) shipments, you should sign up for UPS My Choice . It will notify you when a package has shipped, when it’s due for delivery, etc. FedEx has something similar. You can even get notices on your regular mail, which is especially helpful if you have a less than conscientious mail carrier who regularly delivers your mail to the wrong house,


Ditto what @ChristyM said. I love having the app for notification of a package from anywhere I buy from. I tend to get notified from the app sooner than whoever is sending the package, in this case, Glowforge has been known to send tracking after a machine has been sent. You’re gonna love having it!


I saw this message 21 hours after it was posted. Did you get your machine today? Exciting!!


Yes, I did!
Already set up and used!


Wow!! Fantastic. That looks like a pretty awesome early print. Enjoy!!

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