No shipping email

Waiting for an email telling me that my pro has shipped!! My business depends on it… still nothing! No response to my email either.

Your business depends on a machine you don’t even have yet? That seems like an unstable model to me.

The machines frequently arrive before the email. Best bet is to sign up for the FedEx / UPS services that notify you when you’re getting something.


Yessss ma’am it does because my old machine broke down! So yes since I’m am very new to the game my response and reliability are BIG factors!

You might want to rethink your business model…


Wow!! You all are hateful!! Seriously I started my business a month ago and was already able to buy this machine! So yeah I’d say I’m doing fine other than my machine breaking down!

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Not hateful, but realistic–it’s fantastic you were able to afford to get the machine so quickly, BUT as it was not clear this was a second machine to get you back up since the first one is down… And there’s been some bad taste left by others complaining about how long they have to wait to get their machine (2 wks) because their business needs it (that they’ve only just started when they ordered the machine and really have no idea how to run a business).

Yes, frustrating to wait & not get responses as quickly as you want.

And reality for a good business model is you need to plan for machine down time & if it’s critical for your process–redundant machine, spare parts, or??? So sounds like you’re now setting up the redundancy since you’ve already experienced machine down time, kudos that you can afford to do so!


And that I did do! I had spare parts for my machine! However the spare laser tube and power supply nor the lenses was the problem! I understand that others have left a bad taste, but I’m not them. However the lack of communication on their part is seriously frustrating!

Something to build into your business backup plan is that you will not always get the response in the time frame you think is appropriate. This may be due to a variety of things, including your notification being caught by a SPAM filter or your expectations differing from the reality of what the supplier can provide.

As a fellow small business operator, don’t rely on your equipment provider to meet your business commitments. They are not responsible to do so. Your business is the only party responsible for its commitments. If this means backups for your backups, you need to plan for that. Keep in mind also that the GF is marketed and supported on a consumer level, not on a business level. Products with business level support and response will be priced considerably higher. You have traded cost for a level of service and you need to take that into account with your backup plans.

Glowforge will deliver or will give you a refund, but it will take longer than you may expect.


Wow–hope your second machine is a reliable one!

And I honestly suspect GF might be a little swamped with demand exceeding their projections & capabilities–last night was the first night in weeks I didn’t see one of their commercials with any of the YouTube videos I watched!

Agree. And it doesn’t help that GF is creating high customer expectations with their commercials featuring folks who have started a home business with their GlowForge! You can, but… many bubbles will burst.

I didn’t know we could buy spare laser tubes for our GF?!?!?!

I think this might be in reference to a different brand of laser, based on earlier comments.


Yes it was in reference to a different machine. Sorry I didn’t specify that in my previous comment.

Thank you me as well! I honestly didn’t know this would turn into a business I bought my first laser as a fun add on to my other gadgets. However once I posted some if my items they took off and well here I am. Thankful for sure impatiently waiting the arrival of my glowforge :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


No those first few posts are very aggressive, unhelpful, and mean.

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Then please express that to those who wrote them… and I’ll get out of trying to defend any.

Thank you! I am pretty sure everyone who has started a business in their garage had to rely on some sort equipment rather its electricity or a machine,and I’m sure some unforeseen circumstances arose at some point! But thanks for sticking up for the underdog.

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.