No teal light

I received my GF on Friday 8/13. set it up to the point of ’ turn on your machine, button will glow teal’. every time I turn it on, I get nothing. It doesn’t show up in my WIFI…No teal light… I was talking with a GF engineer, but haven’t heard back from him since Saturday. I upgraded my wifi.
pretty disappointed… I was so excited to get this… now I feel like I have a lemon and wasted $5K.

This is a disappointing start, but you have not wasted any money. The Glowforge support folks will get you up and running or replace the machine. While you wait, try holding down the print button for about thirty seconds to see if it will turn teal. If it does, proceed with connecting to wifi.

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Thank you for responding!!
I have done that multiple times… i have held it down for minutes… and nothing happens.

Hang in there. You are off to a rocky start, but I promise when you get to use your Glowforge you will forget this initial pain.

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Do you know if your wifi is 2.4 or 5ghz? GF only works with 2.4.


I’m so sorry for the ongoing trouble with your new unit. Unfortunately we’ve found that your Glowforge has an issue we can’t resolve remotely, so we’re going to get a replacement sent out to you. We’ve sent you an email to sort out the details for next steps, so I’m going to close this thread and we’ll continue the conversation with you via email.