No text or shapes when I try to design

I got your messages that you were able to duplicate what was happening, but now I can’t use the shapes either. Will this be correct soon? Thanks, Lisa

Hi Lisa,
Just so you know, posting again in P&S opens another ticket for support to deal with. Best if you reply either to your original post or email instead. :+1: :grin:

Hi. My original post was closed. I was told to post again if I am still having problems. Thanks, Lisa

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Sorry, I assumed inaccurately.

It’s ok. The shapes are working for me, but I still can’t get any text to work. I new to having a Glowforge, so I trying to make sure I am not doing something wrong, but I had just designed something and started another design and the text stopped working. Thanks for checking in. Lisa

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The text dialog is acting all weird for me as well. I don’t use it except for testing, but poking around earlier in response to a question, it was all messed up. Couldn’t search, clicks were ignored, couldn’t edit actual text at times, etc. Really screwy. Latest Chrome on MacOS. I won’t open a ticket as I don’t need it, and it is a beta feature so problems are to be expected.

Hi. Thank you. I did have problems where I was clicking and nothing was happening, but I thought my computer was struggling to keep up or I was distracted and not clicking. I am a new Glowforge owner, so I am new to all of this and appreciate the help. Thanks, Lisa

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Unfortunately we don’t have additional information at this point regarding the text tool. I’m sorry you ran into trouble with the shape tool as well.

I saw your earlier update in this thread that the shapes are working again. Has the trouble reoccured since then? If so, would you be able to let us know approximately what date and time of day the issue occurred?

Oh gosh. I’m sorry that I don’t know the date and time. As of today, June 30th at 5:42, I still am not able to get any text to design. If I go in to design, and start with the shapes, each one works. When I click on the T for text, the circle starts spinning, and then I can’t get shapes either. I can close out the design, open it up again, and the shapes will work again. But, as soon as I click on the T for text, I lose the shapes again. I don’t know if this is helpful or not. Thanks, Lisa

I did or thought I did upload a video as it was happening. I don’t know if you can see it on that post. That will give you at least the date. Lisa

I am new to owning a Glowforge and using all of these programs, so I never sure if it is my computer or something with the site. I have to ask to see if I am doing somthing wrong or not. I appreciate your feedback. Thanks! Lisa

If I were you I would download Inkscape and do all your designing with that. That way when the beta testing is over you can decide if you want to purchase the extras or just stick to using something that will do it all for free.

I have downloaded Inkscspe and GIMP. I am learning to use all of them. Thanks for the suggestion!!! Lisa

Excellent. I don’t use gimp myself but I do love Inkscape. It does everything I need it to do. It is a bit of a learning curve however but there are lots of really good videos on youtube to help out.

I found a video on YouTube and the guy uses both programs. He did a fantastic job slowly explaining the process of preparing a photo to engrave. His work is beautiful. He starts in GIMP and switches to Inkscape. Great video for someone like me who is a beginner.

Wouldn’t be “Logos by Nick” by any chance? Best videos on line for sure.

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Probably not. He was a print and content designer.

My favorite for graphic design tools, though.

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Laser Engraving Techniques for Putting Photos onto Wood


Thank you for the additional information that, once the text tool gets stuck, this interferes with being able to use the shape tools. I’m going to close this thread, and I’ll add this information to our notes while the team continues to investigate.