No time to Design


No time to create anything new, but going into withdrawal over here, so had to whip up a little something…

Glowforge Catalog freebie to the rescue…and we have coasters. (No, I don’t need any more coasters, all of the daily glassware is double wall insulated and doesn’t sweat on the furniture, but I have been bored out of my socks.) :smile:

Did a quick five minute cleanup on an anonymous internet image and let 'er rip…

And then there’s this - carefully (not) cut from the leftover 4 inch trimmings from larger 1/4" sheets that wouldn’t fit in the machine.

Anybody want to guess?


Ymmmm…things you can measure with !!!:smile::smile::smile:


ooh, gauges/spacers. very nicely labeled i might add

Edit, love how the doctor slipped in there somehow


Nice job! And the spacers are a really good idea.


So the 3-inch one is a few yards across on the inside?


A jig kit for Glowforge alignment!

Love the coasters btw.


Dang! (Can’t get anything past this crew!) :smile:


kind of a throwback to creating a chase.


Ah yes, spacers. Very handy!


I hope you and your family are doing well. I’m back in Houston over by the George R Brown center and there are still a lot of relief workers in the area–I think I am one of the few non-relief workers at the hotel.


Brilliant! The coasters look great too! Hmmm…I wonder what the T.A.R.D.I.S. is for?
Glad you’re keeping busy, safe and sound, and with electricity!


Spacing things out that are bigger on the inside.


Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Personally we’re fine, but we have a funeral tomorrow for one of our gals who lost her dad during the storm (heart attack from the stress), and Friday Robert will be going to help out one of our good customers who got seven feet of water in the house. Yikes!

It’s still a pretty big mess, but things are slowly righting themselves.


Yeah, we never lost power. (For which I am grateful.) :slightly_smiling_face:

The TARDIS was a check for verticality of lines on a piece of scrap for @Tom_A a while back. (Just reused and recycled.)


Love the coasters! You’re fine without the time!