No Tracking Number!

Does anyone know how to get a tracking number? I put it my order about two weeks ago, I believe my Glowforge should already be here but I haven’t even received a tracking number. I emailed customer support about five days ago, they seemed to be genuinely concerned about the issue, but has not sent me any information with regards to my order. Any help would be much appreciated.


The best way I know is to sign up for the ups my choice program and they will let you know any time a package is sent to your address.

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Unless they send it via FedEx. :wink:

FedEx has their own version… although I’m blanking on the name.

FedEx Delivery Manager


You don’t need the paid version either. I think UPS has a subscription one that upgrades SmartPost packages ect. USPS also has Informed Delivery that is nice, but not useful in this case. :smiley: I think for FedEx Delivery Manager you need to register alternate names and others in the household. They work well until someone ships a package to “Receiving” or “Delivery Manager.” LOL

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