No tracking or shipping info. Ordered a week ago

Does it normally take a week to get shipping information? Ordered on the 3rd. Still haven’t received anything about it being shipped.

Support is absolutely no help at all.

Dont expect to get shipping info from glowforge. I never even got a tracking number. Your best bet is to sign up with UPS and fedex delivery so they let you know if a delivery. is headed to your address.


If you are in the US sign up for both of these and you will get a notification any time a company creates a shipping label to your address. You will get this notification well before GF sends anything out.

FedEx Delivery Manager

UPS My Choice


Support doesn’t ship machines (or parts, or materials.)

What was your estimated delivery date?

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Hi @kcook,

Please accept my sincerest apologies your Glowforge has not arrived on schedule. I’ve just sent you a direct message over email so we can continue to get this issue resolved for you. Since we’re chatting there, I’m going to close this thread.