No update on ticket for 21 days


Can I please get an update on my replacement unit (ticket 102527)? It’s been 21 days since support recommended it and I’ve been waiting patently for a reply.



Wow! Exemplary patience. I’m sure the company appreciates it, but without at least a communication explaining possible delays, I would have been miffed… and so polite, I admire your composure and restraint.


To be honest, With the holidays and recovering from a blood clot procedure, I’ve got nothing but time. I just want to know how long until the replacement unit gets here so I know how long I’ll be without a GF.

They really need to have a better support system than just emails. Something where we can log in and see the current status or something.


An awful lot of stuff seems to fall through the cracks. Frustrates me when folks continue to defend the existing Support system. The people are great, the system is not.


I agree. I guess for now, I get to just sit and wait for support to answer me.


Yeah, I initially thought “How nice of the company to provide us with this platform for discussion and sharing” when actually they had to to provide some means of support.

They are very fortunate that the community itself provides the bulk of trouble shooting and problem solving. Quite an asset for the company, at least that’s my perception.


That is so true. But unfortunately, when that happens, I’ve seen support staff slowly disappear over time. If a customer can answer it, why should I do it?

Not saying that has happened here, but I’ve seen it on various websites that I quit going to over the years. Heck, even Dan doesn’t come around very often any more. I remember when he was posting several times a day about this or that.


Oh no – I am terribly sorry to hear that! I just looked up your correspondence and see that we’ve been waiting for a response from you – I’ll resend that message in case it didn’t get through and we’ll get this show on the road!