No Vector SD Engrave Setting for Medium Walnut Hardwood

Does anyone know why there isn’t a Vector SD Engrave setting for Medium Walnut Hardwood?

There is.

Maybe refresh your browser or try a different browser?


Yup, I have a vector element selected and medium walnut hardwood selected (hard to see after selected as I have a “dark mode” extension, but you can make it out), SD Graphic is there. That said, do you have a legacy Glowforge, or the new Aura? It may be different. As best as I can determine, the Aura has about 10% of the power of the legacy Glowforge CO2 laser - peak power requirement is 10% of that.



I have the Aura. It looks like the setting is just missing for me

The Aura has drastically less power than the legacy Glowforge, so it’s possible the Aura simply isn’t capable of producing what they think are acceptable results for SD Engrave on that material. Which settings are available?

Edit - apparantly GF plans to add additional settings over time, so you can either experiment for now, or wait and see if this is one they add.


I should have asked you which machine you had…sorry. There are still several materials that are not listed as compatible with the Aura…at least at this time.

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Walnut is particularly resistant to burning up, but also the difference between dark walnut and black is much less than other woods. I would look at the settings for cherry and start there for experimenting on scrap of possible.


Thanks so much (everyone), but this explains it. There are only draft quality engrave settings for the Aura right now for their Proofgrade Medium Walnut Hardwood product (and the other Hardwoods as well). I am too new at this to experiment, so I switched to acrylic to pull off the project I was working on. It is very challenging and expensive to be a new user and an early adopter. Y’all have been great!!


100%! It’s also incredibly cool to see your product improving a little bit almost every time you turn it on! You’ve got the benefit of all the growth they did on the :glowforge:, but the growth in the settings (and available PG materials) is still happy making :slight_smile:


Thanks @terecch for being a new Aura user and an early adopter! We are constantly updating the Proofgrade settings and making the product better with software updates. You can always keep updated on our latest improvements here:


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