No Wi-Fi signal from Glowforge

So I tried to log onto my Glowforge Wi-Fi like I have done many times before. And the Glowforge Wi-Fi signal icon won’t come up on my computer? I have restarted both computer and Glowforge twice, still nothing.

The GF only emits a wifi signal during initial setup. Unless you change the wifi router in your home, it’s something you only do once when you first get the machine.

You also can’t print while connected to the GF directly. It has to be configured to connect to your local wifi, then you access the machine thru the cloud.


I never changed anything at all. Just weird that it just quit working, been using the same process for a year in half now

Unless the button is teal it wouldn’t be emitting it’s own Wi-Fi network. So odd that you’ve been logging on directly to the GF all this time, that’s definitely not the normal process and you’ve clearly been doing beautiful work with yours.
Can any of your computers/devices see your GF as online/ready in the GFUI?


Hey awesome, it recognizes it on my phone, so had to enter it manually on computer. Thank you

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I’m so confused.

Think this is a case of misuse of terminology cause I don’t get it either. People for years have misunderstood that when they use the web previewer, they aren’t actually using the laser yet nor are they logged into it. No one thinks that about WiFi paper printers…or do they?

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Why did you answer then? :joy::joy::roll_eyes:

A polite way of saying “you’re doing it wrong, very wrong”. A Glowforge should broadcast a wifi signal for approximately 5 minutes of its entire life. It’s used for the initial unboxing setup, then never again. If you’re “logging onto your Glowfoge Wi-Fi like you’ve done many times before”, you’re doing something wrong every time, or you’re describing what you’re doing wrong.


You know I come on this for help, and sometimes if you folks can’t be positive. I’m not computer savvy like you guys.

I promise I have a very positive attitude right now.

The normal way to start working with your Glowforge is to flip the power switch, then open in your web browser. You’ll see your design library and can start working/printing immediately. Your computer, phone or tablet using that webpage does not need to be on any specific wifi network. You can even operate your Glowforge from a cellular data connection on the other side of the country, you don’t need to be in the same place as the laser.

Also, hi neighbor, I’m in Raleigh too.

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Yeah I never went to computer laser school so sorry for that

I get it.
But this is akin to texting with a car mechanic using terminology not quite right and leaving them stumped when if they were right there to witness a malfunction, they’d identify it immediately.
People hate having to do it because it seems so tedious, but it’s why so many support industries try to get people to step through issues with high resolution. A low resolution, “it isn’t working.” doesn’t help.

Could you list out what you normally do that was working in detailed steps? And then let us know where it isn’t working right? Also what system(win/Mac), browser(s) have worked/are working/ aren’t currently working?

As GF staff don’t offer support on the forums anymore, no one can look at anything other than the info you give us.


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