Nodes Overlapping in Script

Hi everyone! I am having an issue with this script font

The nodes on the “e” overlap the letter next to it. When print out the word the area with the yellow arrow on it will not be removed by the laser.

Does anyone know how I can solve this problem so that the entirety of the letter “e” will be removed by the laser. This was discussed in another thread but the answer wasn’t shown.

Thanks in advance! JOE

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Is this something you’re doing with premium fonts in the GF app? If so, you cannot fix this in the UI…you’d have to use your design app of choice to do this before uploading to the UI.


What software are you using? You need to “unite” these (or “join” or “weld” there are a lot of different words for this and mostly depends on the software you are using. :slight_smile:

So just select all of the text and then “unite” them.


Depends on your design program as she said.^^
When parts overlap like that they cancel out.
In Inkscape, I think first you ‘Object>Ungroup’ then ‘Path>Union’.


Hello no it a font off of Google fonts and I am using Inkscape.

This was the solution! thank you so much.

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Thank you this worked. I was using Inkscape.

You’re welcome!
I’ve been caught with that when I’ve forgotten to check. Looking at the design in ‘View>Outline’ is a good habit.


I work mostly in outline view. The GF doesn’t recognize strokes anyway.

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