Noise canceling headphones

Never thought that my bose headphones I use for airplane trips would have a place next to the laser cutter. The exhaust fan is loud. I’ve hooked up an external vent fan, but the internal one is still there and whines SO much louder than the external vent motor.


It is not quiet when it is running, but I don’t find it that bad. I vaguely recall someone with an extra loud one that was replaced with a new one. As noise, like smell, can be subjective when describing it over the internet, maybe you want to make a recording and send it to support?


I’ll take a video of the machine cutting and show the sound levels on the NIOSH sound level meter app. It is louder than my vacuum for sure, not quite as loud as my table saw. But the problem is having to be near it while it does a 2 hour cut with the noise. I wish I could disable the internal fan since I have an external ventilator hooked up.

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I have found that it is the pitch/frequency (rather than the volume) that is the issue.

Noise cancelling headphones are great for that (and why on airplanes they really help).

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Are you headphones very effective canceling the noise?
My cheap Hoover is significantly louder.

My wife had me bring my set over to my GF to wear while it is running – sure makes a difference.

not a bad idea… I will be looking for some good one’s on black friday

People underestimate how loud things are in the shop and how much damage they can do to your hearing over time. Better safe than sorry!

It would be cool if Glowforge sold earmuffs as stylish as their laser safety glasses.