Noise when cleaning

I figured I’d post here since I don’t think i need a support ticket. When i cleaned my machine last there was a slight grinding noise as I moved the laser arm forward to remove the head. It happens only when I move it by hand and nothing can be heard or seems off when it prints. I checked the belts and wheels for debris but saw nothing. Anyone else ever have this?

You may be hearing/feeling the stepper motors. When they move they jump from step to step instead of turning smoothly. The faster you move the parts of the machine the louder and more grinding like sounding it will be.

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Without hearing it I have to agree with @ben1, the steper motor has permanent magnets and creates some drag and grindy sound.

It’s a new noise. Is that possible? The machine is a year old and I haven’t noticed it before.

Can we have a listen?

I’ll try and grab a video tomorrow before I fire it up

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Having trouble uploading

Nope, that’s not right.

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Okay my first thought of it just being the stepper was wrong. If you can’t pinpoint the source I’d post this to the problems section so :glowforge: can chime in.

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