Noise when moving gantry

The video isn’t loading - can you load it to YouTube and then post the link here?

In the meantime, is this a new noise from an old machine, or a new machine?

New noise from a year old machine

Tried to upload again. Cant figure out YouTube. Machine always makes the noise when moved by hand and sometimes I hear it while focusing.

Maybe it’s just my computer, but all I get is:

Hopefully someone else comes along who can see it!

I can see it on Chrome.

All I can suggest is to clean the belts, pulleys and tracks thoroughly. One of those “grinding sounds” is normal and occurs when I pull the gantry forward or back. The other one also sounds normal for a belt driven system, but louder than I usually hear with this machine. Wipe everything off thoroughly paying particular attention to the pulleys. There might be some junk in there.

See if that helps. :slightly_smiling_face:


I cleaned everything and it’s still present. Maybe a tad quieter. It does seem louder in the video. Maybe due to my phone being in the forge. The thing I did notice was the left front wheel isn’t pressed firm to the rail. All the other wheels if I turn them it moves the whole arm but that one can move free

Is that the wheel that the laser arm moves along the track on? Or the pulley that the belt goes around at the front?

The wheel on the track

That wheel has a V-shaped groove on it, is the groove centered over the raised lip of the rail? (If you can take a photo that might help…point a flashlight at it where it contacts the rail and it might show something.

Seems centered just not as much pressure on it as the others

Yeah, I don’t know. Might be the cause of the extra noise. (Doubt it’s harmful, it might just be rattling a little as the arm moves forward and back.)

Anyway, support can take a look at it…see what they think. (They’re much more mechanical.) :slightly_smiling_face:


It does sound like something is scratching. Is there a little piece of material caught somewhere that isn’t easily seen and it is rubbing on something? Could be in a totally weird place. Little bits can fly around inside or flip up when removing material and appear in weird places?

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That’s what I thought but I just cant find anything


No official response on this?

Guessing support is backed up a bit with the holiday season and the weekend. I’m sure they will be in here soon… ish… :slight_smile:

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Thanks for letting us know about this.

Have you had any trouble printing? Or are you just concerned about the noise?

Yeah, it’s visible in the video as well.

This maybe one of the bearings on the laser arm, or it maybe something with the stepper motor (near the front), or belt pulley (near the back).

Can you tell if the sound is coming from the front, the back, or moving with the laser arm?

It doesn’t seem to be effecting printing at all. I can’t really pin point the noise as it sort of echoes in the cabinet.

Thank you so much for letting us know.

It can be difficult to narrow down this particular snag remotely, especially if you’re not experiencing any trouble while printing.

For now, I would advise continuing to print, and then please let us know if the noise occurs, and you run into trouble while printing.