Noisy Glowforge

Hi! Wondering if anyone else is cringing after the latest updates? My Glowforge basic has never been the quietest machine but it is making some awful noises since I allowed it to run the suggested calibration and update. I opted in because the alignment was way off when using the trace function and that is the only way I can make anything because I haven’t been able to figure out any program to create what I want with my Mac book. Please tell me there is a way to fix this new noise?! Sincerely, An extremely frustrated user who is about to throw the forge out of the window

The camera calibration should have no impact on the noise level of the machine.

Can you describe the noise? A video perhaps? When does it do it?


Sounds like it might be time to run the Fan cleaning procedure if you have not done that. Have you cut a lot of draftboard?

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I know this wasn’t the point of your question, but just as an aside, have you looked at Affinity Designer for Mac in the app store? That’s what I, and several others here on the forum are using. It’s a beautiful and very affordable app.

I didn’t think that it would but it was very coincidental. I just turned it back on and did a test cut with video running and of course it didn’t make the noise. It was a very deep grinding sound anytime the head would move.

I will check it out for sure, thanks! Finally decided to confiscate my daughters laptop and downloaded inkscape but haven’t had time to mess with that one yet.

Hi @lindseyodum, I am so sorry your Glowforge was making that noise!

I know you mentioned it did not make that sound on your last print but if you hear this noise again please try to take a video so we can look into it further. I’m going to close this thread now. If you are able to get that video please email it to us at and we will be happy to take a look!