Non-Americans getting Production Units?



Any non-North Americans receiving THE E-MAIL?

Australia here… no e-mail yet. But will post in this thread once it comes through

International glowforgers
Any news on UK shipments?

Hope you get to post soon.


While I’d love to see all my friends get one asap I doubt that there will be any international in this first wave.


I agree but i discovered in some of the Kickstarters i back(ed) (the Oculus Rift being a prime example) that having a place where non-US/Canadians can post about their units being delivered can help relieve the stress of watching the North American units flow in abundance


yeah that’s a great point, i remember when those emails / posts were going out.


I haven’t yet (as a canadian).


UK here and can’t wait… I bought before the deadline so hopefully gshouldn’t be too long… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


IIRC we bought on the 2nd day of the campaign.
But my experience with other Offerings is that this becomes irrelevant once units start to move. Generally it is done country-by-country for OS (to the USA) orders.

I would expect:
USA first
Canada second
Then OS and probably based on units ordered per country vs units available for dispatch vs ease of shipping/customs into that country

I think order date is likely to only be relevant in terms of one’s fellow countrymen (and if they do dispatch per country/region then the difference is likely to be insignificant)


No email about production units for me either, located Sydney Australia.


I live close to the border so having it shipped to the USA. I hope they have a NAFTA form set up ready :blush:


Let us know how that goes!! I also live close to the border but I opted to wait for it to be shipped to my place. (canada)


Same here. Shipping to Canada, no email yet.


To be clear:

  • North America = USA, Canada and Mexico.
  • America (United States of) = USA.

The current shipments of basic are not being shipped to North America. Only in America.

Unless @dan states otherwise, Canadians and Mexicans should not expect The Email for a few weeks.


Obviously… my choice of wording was quite deliberate.
We are surprisingly well-versed in Geography over here :slight_smile:

In these sorts of things it is reasonable to assume that the Canadians at least are to be 2nd on the mailing list. Perhaps along with Mexicans though in most offerings i have seen the Mexican contingent is minute compared to, say, the UK or Australian addresses.

I set this thread up specifically for the non-North Americans (though of course i am happy to see when Canadians and Mexicans get theirs) precisely because we are to be lower on the delivery list.


Americans, as a whole are not that great at geography. No exception here. Pretty sure I could name all the States in Australia, but not sure I could even point to Kansas or Iowa on a U.S. map.


Went to Santa Fe once. Enjoyed a rant from one of the locals complaining about all the USAians telling him he lived in a different country.


when i lived in france this issue was discussed because i lived with a french-speaking woman from chile. she took umbrage that only people from the US are considered americans, and the term “les Etats-Unisiens” has popped up in french occasionally as a result.


Gets even more challenging when you realize we aren’t the only United States, either.


true! tho most other places go by more pronounced alternate titles


no plan survives contact with the enemy” (Helmuth Karl Bernhard Graf von Moltke)

I agree that this is/was certainly the plan… but if they are unable to flood the USA Basic buyers with :glowforge: units then i find it hard to believe they are storing the X number to ship across all the UK, or Australian (for example) units.
@Dan has already (elsewhere) said that the cost of sending OS is a lot more expensive than they planned so it would not make sense for them to send individual units when they could ship a container to a Country or Forwarding Port and thence on to buyers.

I think that realistically they will do as many of the USA buyers first for reasons of ease, practicality and product control