Non error error when I try to print

Hi. I have been struggling with this problem for a long time. I have certain files that I try to print. I get the “Scanning Materal” box, then “Preparing Design” box, then NOTHING. It just returns back to the main screen. No error. No indication of what I am supposed to do. Here is a video.

I am assuming that it has to do with the file being to complex. I don’t know how this works… because as you can see in the video that the first print had double the number of objects.

help! Thanks!

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What happens if you click on print again? I’ve seen the dialog box get pushed to the background before.

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Also, try resetting the browser cache. It isn’t unusual for a browser to go wonky (technical term).

Did you flip a raster image? (Currently known issue.) Just re-rasterize it in your drawing software before saving it as an SVG.


I can click print a million times. No workie. I will try the other things. Thanks!

Currently, I ignored the large engrave and it is working.

I’ve had this happen and fixed two ways. Most often refreshing the browser helps. In another case which doesn’t look like it fits your issue and it took a lot longer to not do anything, I had multiple copies in my svg so that I could cut several at once. Only after I made the svg only one copy, and then copied multiple times in the GFUI, did it proceed.

Rerasrerizing did the trick! Thank you!


Thanks for the help everyone. I’m glad to hear @Jules suggestion worked!

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