Non Functioning Machine

I was using my Glowforge a couple of days ago. I had to cancel a print just before it started. When I tried to restart it, it said that it was offline. At first I thought it was the WiFi. I tried everything with no success, including turning off Glowforge, computer and router at the same time. When I flipped the switch, the Glowforge wouldn’t turn back on. I realized it must have gone off after I cancelled the print and that’s why it said it was offline. Tried everything for that problem, nothing works. Machine is about a year old, clean, with light usage. I’m still paying on this and can’t afford to buy another. Desperately need this up and working as soon as possible.
Thanks for your help.

Have you tried to unplug the power for a full 2 minutes.

Check the outlet to ensure it is still providing power, and that the cable is still solidly connected to the machine. If that doesn’t help, then it’s likely the power supply has failed and the machine will need to be repaired.

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If you have a model with a safety interlock, check it, or reseat it to be certain.

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I’ve tried that, and 10 and overnight, thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

The interlock does not affect power. It simply halts the machine.

Hi there @Silverlight I wanted to touch base here - I’ve reached out via email because I’m having some trouble pulling up account info. I’d like to verify a couple of items from you to assist in troubleshooting, and we can get you all sorted out from there via email.