Non-laser question about elastics supplier

I’m always impressed with the knowledge on this group. I’m going to see if I can leverage it for my own purposes.

I’m looking for a way to hold a laser-cut box lid in place. I’m thinking of using elastics like this:

I would cut a small hole on each side of the box, and slip in the metal parts to hold the elastic in place. Once the lid is on the box, the elastic can be slipped from the side of the box over top of it, and hold it in place.

The problem is I don’t know what these are called, or where to buy them. Does anyone know? Are they available in craft stores, or office supply stores?



Barbed elastic straps:


Thank you!

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Found them in white on amazon too.

2mm Elastic Barbed Cord - 100-Pack Stretch Round String with Silver Dual Metal Barbs, Barbed Fasteners for Mask Making, Binding, Hanging, White, 13 Inches Each

Wonder if anyone sells them in lots of colors?


Thanks. I’m finding them in multiples places online. I’m hoping to find a local source so I can buy a few and try them out before buying them in bulk.

I found some at, but not at So I’m not sure if my Canadian Walmart will have it. I’m thinking that perhaps a bead store may have them. I’ll drive around and look.

Past me still marvels at how quickly we can figure out stuff like this, nowadays. :wink:


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