Non-Proofgrade for the first time


Trying some designs on some non-proofgrade wood rounds I picked up — using blue painter’s tape as masking .


I so have to order a 1000 wooden nickels just to have on hand. I definitely need to get a round toit. :blush:


Those are so cute! Love your design choices! :grinning:


I still have over half my original order of blanks from back when I was woodburning them. They come in very handy at times.


i got that reference :wink:


Here are a couple.

Just a Rare Round Tuit

Just a RoundTuit


You guys have great inTUITion.


Hey, that’s pretty handy–thanks!


I gave them out at the MakerFaire. But I had a layer with the MakerFaire logo on it so I’d do the fronts, flip them over and ignore those in the UI and then do the backs. But I stripped that layer. If someone is looking for something to toss out as free samples/takeaways, easy enough to add logos, etc.

It’s all vector so you can size them as desired - from coins to trivets/coasters.


You could make onedownload (3)