Non ProofGrade Material Question

Before I purchased my Glowforge, I used a CNC laser server called ‘Ponoco’. They laser cut materials.I have a piece of material left over from them. My question is can I use that material on my glowforge? I know that they;re material is laser safe. The material I have is thin acrylic (reflective). But, the reflective side is covered with an adhesive paper, much like the proofgrade material. Here is the link of the material:

Glowforge isn’t likely to say so, they stay out of materials questions. Acrylic like this is generally 100% fine, and I (and others) have personally cut mirrored acrylic with no issues.

You’ll need to figure out settings on your own. Try searching “acrylic settings” for a starting point. Post pictures in made on a Glowforge, we’d love to see what you make :slight_smile:


I believe @evansd2 to be correct about everything. They can’t answer questions about materials they didn’t design. So I’ve move this to the Everything Else category. Hope you don’t mind. But, also, you can pretty much presume that “acrylic is acrylic.” You should be totally fine with yours. Might take some experimentation though. I’d start with :proofgrade: settings for acrylic and see how it handles it.

Have fun!

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I’ve been using pretty much the same material. It’s made by Rowmark, sold through Johnson Plastics. It’s FANTASTIC stuff. I have noticed that the plastic masking that comes on it leaves little melty plastic spots in the engraved areas, so I peeled it off, and applied paper masking, and it works phenomenally well.


@evansd2 , I posted a few things i made on my first day. But, as soon as I figure out the colors, lines and created a file to cnc, i’ll get better. I still a little foggy on creating a file.
But, thank you for your comment.

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Thanks for the advice.

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This should probably be sorted in Beyond the Manual as it deals with material settings and compatibility.

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Sure! Done.

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