Non-proportional scaling missing from GFUI?

A while back I was able to load a simple SVG box and use the drag handles on the faces to stretch it out into a rectangle of any shape and size.

Last night, that didn’t work. I could only do a proportional resize.

Did I just imagine doing that before or did something change? Not being able to do non-proportional scaling means it’s a pain to quickly drop in a simple cut-out box.

I’ve never seen non-proportional scaling. I agree that it would be extremely helpful to have it.

Have had a GF since July and have never seen non-proportional scaling in the GFUI.

This must be the beginning of the psychotic break I always worried about.


I would not worry too much, we all want this so much that it would be supper easy to “remember” it.

It wasn’t on PRUs if I remember correctly.

Nope! Haven’t seen it yet, although it’s been hopperized for a while. :wink:

Correct. Or at least, I never saw it.

Maybe just a simple case of CRS. (Can’t Remember S**t). I suffer the chronic form of the same ailment lol


Yes. Sorry. But you are in good company!


True. But squares work great! :wink: