Non-Response From Support

Well, I got my GF back from repair. I have not powered it on yet and I am getting NO RESPONSE from GF about my questions. Since no longer shows that I am an owner, I am wondering if this means that I will have to go fully through the setup process (like a new unit) before I can see my files in the app.


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Most likely you will have to add printer.

Yes, you need to repeat the setup process, although if that fails, then support will need to fix it on their end.

Standard response is three business days, although it can be sooner. Posting here is the same as opening (another) support ticket.

I KNOW how their process works9(or doesn’t work), but I was waiting 5 days for a response, finally got one today. Have to set up like a new unit, which means I will probably loose access to Snap Marks, which I made heavy use of.

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Suggest if you don’t want replies from the community who are just trying to help (that’s the point of this forum), you limit your support questions to email. Your question implies you didn’t know how long it takes, we have no idea how long you’ve been waiting.

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I am so sorry for our delay in response.

I see that you have emailed in about this and we are working on it there so I am going to close this thread. If you have any other questions please feel free to start a new thread or email us at