Non-uniform scale - scale x different than y

So, I tried every combination of control keys while pulling the mid edge grip to see if I could scale the y and not the x, no go.
The reason I would like to do this: To take a generic red vector square, float it over and cut out one of my test engraves on a sheet of veneer. Rather than cut lots of holes in the thin veneer as I go, I do lots of tests and it’s nice to have solid wood, then when I fill a sheet, I might want to cut some out. I may end up making a matrix of rectangle ratios, eg. 1:1, 1:1.2, etc, make each a different color, then cut and ‘ignore’ the ones that are not the right proportion. Being able to rotate at 90° will take care of the portrait/landscape shapes. OR, someone knows a trick🙹
R.L. Hamm

Nope. The individual axes are not currently scalable independently in the GFUI. Everything scales proportionally. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can create your rectangles in outside design software and do the 90° rotation in the GFUI by holding down the SHIFT key while dragging on the rotation handle to make it rotate through 45° increments.


Ok, I kind of thought so, thank you :O)

I have a file I regularly add to existing designs called just_a_line.svg which, unsurprisingly, contains a single line. Just add it on top of your loaded content, then copy, resize, and rotate to build additional cuts.

This is really handy for quick cuts you don’t want in your design itself.


Thanks @Jules and @timjedwards.

@rhgrafix I’ve shared your suggestion with the team. If you have any other questions, please post a new topic.

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