Nonlaser things that I think GFers will find interesting

honestly, i just block anyone who’s annoying as hell on all social media. life is too short and i don’t put up with crap and game playing. family, friends, it doesn’t matter. altho family on FB i would just unfollow instead of blocking unless they’re awful and i wouldn’t deal with them IRL, either. i don’t have to look at the BS but can still communicate.

but not everyone can just do that and let things go. this meme has been around long before social media.


I swear I was 8 seconds away from quoting this at someone today….


My only contacts on my FB account are friends from abroad I don´t get to see often.
If I care for someone (family or friends) I keep in touch with them constantly in person or over the phone.
For those who live far away, on their birthday I try to at least call them.


Horse team traffic jam with itself. I’m not a horse person, but I was massively alarmed for the safety of the downed horse. The people involved calmly handled the mess, and eventually got the traces off and moved the other horses. About the 6:30 mark it tries to stand, but has been on its side for too long. Most of the tack is removed, and he makes it to his feet at 9:10. Until then, the crowd had been silent at the request of the announcer, to help keep the animal calm.

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I am a horse person, and it runs back in my ex’s family to the early 1900’s. We regularly do the “dude ranch” thing out west, despite beng divorced. We also fly fish. Have owned a few horses - my daughter had a long career in competitive show jumping, and we have traveled around much of the Southeast in pursuit of that.

We have seen more than our fair share of injured horses. I get extremely emotional over some, two in particular died. They are mostly more gentle, affectionate, and personable than cats and dogs.


It does not have to be Facebook to be Social Media. This Forum is also Social Media and lately most of the social interaction that I get. It helps a lot that we all have at least one thing in common and I am glad that @shop has been with us for another time around the sun.
Happy Cake Day @shop!
:partying_face: :tada: :beers:

Facebook is still a hive of scum and villainy but this is interesting:

Stranded person used a drone to fly his cellphone high enough to get service and send a text to get rescued. Clever.


An LED-backlit cutting board. A woman woodworker in Montreal shows how she made it. It’s a great build (she has a personable, competent presentation), except the handles! Somewhere along the line they will become pivot points, and her guest will wind up with cheese and crackers in their lap.


that’s cool. if she wanted to take it to the next level, since you would probably use a charcuterie board at a party, instead of just plain old LED strip, add a music sensitive strip. that way it will flash along with the music.

that’s what i did with my mic stand. then i got a clear, soft plastic tube, cut one side, and wrapped it around the base and LEDs to protect them. so now at gigs, my mic stand flashes with the music.


I started playing around with Mylar a couple weeks ago. It cuts like butter on the glowforge, but I was looking to try something bigger, so I broke out a drag knife on the CNC machine. It was a bit of a pain in the ass, but I took one of those mandala files we all like so much and converted it into a set of 24 inch square stencils. Then I went to town on a big canvas and got this:

The yellow was a bit sloppy for some reason but the mylay seems to work really well for this. It gets painted kind of backwards, starting with the back color.

And then with the top most layer getting painted first:

Then it’s just lining up the next stencil down and laying down new paint:

You could easily do this in a small format on the glowforge, but the CNC gives me way more space. The drag knife is not terribly consistent however. On the plus side, it’s very re-usable.


I don’t back these sorts of crowdfunded speculative tech projects these days but, this hobbyist EDM device is an interesting idea:

They assert that it is “open source” (or will be after it is finished). I can’t tell if it will be open hardware, too.

Might lead to decent inexpensive EDM equipment in a few years.


I was briefly confused and intrigued by how Electronic Dance Music would cut things…


It’s that cutting-edge beat!


I’ve cut way back, but that seems worth a flier. I’m seriously considering jumping in. But I’ll let it cook for a day or so and see if I still feel like that. It’d be a great addition to all the other tools in my shop.

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That turned out gorgeous! Love how you showed it coming together with the color layers.

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Engineer explains much of why rivers move around as they do; shows a really cool “river table” simulation device to help visualize how different factors interact.


Nice! His book “Engineering in Plain Sight” is great for anyone who’s curious about infrastructure.

Engineering in Plain Sight: An Illustrated Field Guide to the Constructed Environment


Thanks for the link to the book!

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Bought one for my youngest daughter!


This was also recommended for me to watch on YouTube. It was very interesting.

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