Nordwerk Cardboard Chair

Anyone with a Pro (or larger machine) want to have a go at making a fancy cardboard chair?


that would be really cool to make, but you’d need a monster machine to fit those pieces.

.dxf-Plans for SWAP, nested on 1250 x 2380 x 10 mm Material

or, in inches, 49.25" x 93.75"

i couldn’t even do that on the huge universal laser cutter in our main model shop, which does 24" x 48" sheets.


Or, possibly, some creative modifications? Maybe a child-sized version?

Not sure what the chances are of adjusting it to work on a smaller machine without compromising structural integrity.

That’s basically a sliceform, which is a technique used for some pop up card construction. I also helped build a much plainer cardboard chair at one point. So, I know some changes will make it unlikely to be load-bearing.


A dual layer glue up with offset clever butt joint designs would make for good structural integrity. It’d just take an awful lot of cardboard.


I was playing with that idea in the months before the machine first arrived and with overlap was able to make the distance. I even ruined a lot of plywood with my experiments.


Very cool chair!


looks like a job for a CNC router. and not use cardboard at all.


I thought about that. I think they even mention that as a possibility. I’m wondering about the end mill I’d need to use. A 16th or even one of the mm sized ones would likely be fine for cutting the cardboard but I’m afraid on the last pass when cutting through the bottom paper layer, the contact with the spoilboard might cause the thin end mill to snap off.

Also was trying to figure out work holding. The blue tape & CA glue trick might be difficult to remove without bending the bejeebus out of the cardboard. Could use tabs I guess, but would need some experimenting to see what works - thinking they might need to be full thickness as the paper layer likely wouldn’t provide enough resistance to lateral twisting as the mill drives it’s way around the profile.

Interesting possibilities though. If it weren’t so ugly I’d be tempted to try it :blush:


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