Not a good time to buy a Glowforge ! Fix for White screen ! not fixed yet

Thanks to the Community with no help from Glowforge there is a work around .

If you have all your setting in place , you can use the Focus button to get past the Material Menu links that are not working properly and costing everyone time and money…

This was fixed hours ago, what are you reposting this for?


Also…pretty much everyone in this forum already bought a Glowforge, so you’re a tad too late. I just finished an engraving…so it is working just fine.


Working fine here. Your browser has not downloaded the update, clear cache and cookies.


I received an email hours ago that this was fixed, and it is fixed for me. It is frustrating when the service goes down, but my electricity goes off sometimes and other things (like flight systems software) have outages. We don’t live in a perfect world of our making.


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