Not Afraid of Spiders Anymore

My family and I, along with my wife’s sister’s family and her parents went to see Spider-Man Homecoming last night. No spoilers since it’s opening weekend. I will say in my professional (in my own mind) opinion, this is he best yet. While I liked Garfield as Spider-Man better than McGuire, I never felt like the stories were great. No complaints this time around and I think Michael Keaton is the best Marvel villain to date.


Can’t wait, taking the family to see it in T-minus 7:40:00…


I have to admit that I was worried. Spider-Man is my boys favorite character and they were so excited I was worried it wouldn’t live up to their expectations. It did :smile:

BTW, as with most marvel there is an end credit scene (very end of the credit scroll). You won’t want to miss it :grinning:


Thanks, we never leave a Marvel movie before the “No animals were harmed during the making of this movie.” disclaimer…


So how did you like it?

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I really want to see this one! It looks Awesome. Glad to hear that they did so well with this one. Can’t wait! :spider:

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I’m a curmudgeon, so I’ve basically hated every on-screen Peter Parker since the 70s. Except for this kid… he FEELS like Peter Parker in a way that no one else has pulled off, for me.

Another thing I’ve not been keen on is how they’ve portrayed Spidey’s nemeses, but Vulture was a great pick to start with, given who we’ve already seen in previous flicks, and keeping it very MCU. Keaton does a great job.

Can’t wait for Thor: Rangnarok now, though.

The final post credit stinger was great. Totally worth the wait. :joy:

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I loved the movie, Tom Holland is the best Peter Parker/Spider-Man so far!! Mind you I still love Spider-Man 2 as a movie, but this Peter Parker does feel like a High School kid dealing with teenage stuff.

And yes I’ll agree with @rekanize the last after-credits scene is the best after-credits scene EVER!!


Love hearing good feedback on it. I think we are going to try to go tomorrow. Last night we saw Wonder Woman and loved it.

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Yea it’s been a good year for super heros so far :grinning:

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