Not being able to get free gifts

I am a premium member. It will not allow me to get the gift for free. It tells me I should upgrade to premium. As I expressed I am a premium member. I have logged in and out and it still showing I need to pay. I have cleared my computer history. I have made sure it shows I’m paying for premium. I have rebooted my computer. Please help. It’s been 2 days of me trying to get it to work. Unfortunately, nothing I have done has helped. Thank You

This has happened to a few people. They have to “make some changes on their end” and it will be ship shape in no time. This opened a support ticket, so someone will be along shortly to get you sorted.

Thank You

Will someone pls help? This is the 3rd day without someone helping. I have sent 2 messages asking for help and have comment on someone else’s post and now I created my own post. How long does it take someone from support to help you? Where is a phone number so I can call to get this resolved? I am new to glow forge. I haven’t even had my glow forge for a month. I see that getting someone from support to help is difficult. There has to be a better way of getting help. THANKS!!!

You do realize it was the weekend, yes? Although support occasionally will pop in on a Saturday or Sunday they work M-F and because of the pandemic they are all working remotely at this time. Additionally since you sent 2 messages plus opened this support thread they now have to find the messages plus this thread and reconcile them before they can answer. That is how a ticket system works. And the more customers that do that, the more bogged down the system becomes. Generally they respond within about 1 BUSINESS day which likely doesn’t make you feel better but is much better than last year at the holidays which I believe was around 3 business days.


Is there anything besides the premium you are lacking at this point? Since you are a new user I just want to make sure you understand that your Glowforge is functional without premium features. Many of us have used our Glowforge without premium for many years. If there is something you would like to do and can not figure out, I’m sure one of us can help you.

No, there is nothing else I need help with at the moment. Thank You for asking. I want to use the premium plan I’m paying for. I understand there will be glitches. And I also understand you have used your glow forge without the premium plan. That’s so wonderful. Glad you could share that with me. Glad that has worked out for you. However, I do expect a faster response time from Glow Forge SUPPORT. Which has been non existent the last 3 days. A simple email explaining their response time would be wonderful or even a response that SUPPORT has received my emails. Something that confirms they have seen my email messages and will get back to me. Not me sitting here ASSUMING they received them. It’s wonderful that the glow forge owners are there to help. However, you cannot confirm they seen my messages. I see others state they themselves have emailed and have been waiting with no response or confirmation from a Glow Forge employees. I do appreciate your response being a glow forge owner. Just wished it would be from Glow forge employees. As a suggestion they might want to look into a better ticket submission that gives user a auto generated response letting them know they have seen your message with expected wait time to for help. Just a friendly suggestion. Thank You again for your response.

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I’m sure you’ve already thought of this, but just in case…double check your spam folder. I had a very minor support question the other day and I got an automated response right away…confirming that my email had been received. There’s not one good reason why you wouldn’t have gotten the same thing.

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Thank you. I did not think of that. lol…I will check that. It was just weird that I hadn’t received any confirmation that they received the message. I didn’t expect the message would go to my personal email. I though it would have come on this website. I assumed that getting no message was protocol. As I have seen quite a few messages stating the same thing. Obviously, that is not the case by your description. Clearly, I was wrong and apologize for my assumptions. I really appreciate your genuine response. You are very kind to explain to me how things are done and not patronize me. Unlike, the patronizing message I received before. I appreciate you! You are the bestest. You have an amazing day.

Unfortunately. I just checked my spam folder and see no messages from support. Not even a generated one. I only have messages from people who have responded to my posts. I don’t know if that’s a problem on my end or there’s. If its on theirs that’s probably why I see people stating they are messaging and not getting any response. That might be something they might want to look into so their customers don’t get frustrated like I have been. Thanks again!!

@Mamaseeta I’m so sorry you’ve run into trouble with your Glowforge Premium Subscription. I’ve made some changes on my end and you should be able to download the designs the next time you visit

I sent you the response to your email as well. Can you respond to the email so we make sure our emails are getting to you? I’ll keep this post open until we get your email letting us know you are receiving our response and are able to download the designs.

I got the email. Thank You for fixing the problem.

That’s great! Thanks for letting us know. I will go ahead and close this post.