Not burning through also line is extremely large

Not burning through also line is extremely large. The setting and materials are correct. I don’t know what to do. Ive also tried different setting but same outcome. whats going on?!

The lens might be upside-down.


Not showing any of your settings or image so have to ask.
Was it set to CUT or engrave? If it is a raster image it will not be cut.

Looks like you had an image and the machine engaved it.


That’s my vote… Did you recently clean the lens?

  • Flip the lens tool until the “Install” arrow points up.
  • Set the lens down on the lens tool. The open side goes away from the blue plastic, so it looks like a bowl on top of the tool.
  • Slide the lens tool up into the printer head until the magnet clicks, then remove the tool.

Is this the first use of a brand new unit or did you recently clean the lens?

My vote goes to there being no lens in it at all. That burn line looks about 5mm wide and that’s the size of the laser beam before the lens focuses it!


I’d say engrave rather than cut. But we’ll see.

Bitmaps are always engraved, like jpegs and pngs and gifs.

Vector shapes filled with a color are engraved where the color is.

Vector shape outlines that are not filled with a color (and remember, white is a color too) but have a defined color for the stroke can be cut or scored (or chosen for engraving too).

But could be lens issue.

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The settings were only marked for cutting not engraving.

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@clairethaskell, you need to check the lens in the printer head.

Instructions for how to do that are shown here: Steps 3 through 5 Turn the machine off to do this.

If this is your first use of the machine, it might be that the lens was left out of the machine, or fell out into the packaging. If you do have a lens in there that you can remove, and it looks intact, when you insert the lens back into the printer head, pay very close attention to step 5, where it shows you how to orient the lens when you insert it back into the machine.


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“Cup goes Up”


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@rpegg coined that.


Thanks for letting us know about this I see you already emailed us about this and I just followed up there with some next steps, so I’m going to close this topic.