Not centering, now not taking pics, keeps going offline

At first it wasnt centering would just get stuck. I followed all the online videos now get the camera not working error too. I guess I have been lucky thus far to not have many issues through the years. However, I have to say the customer service response is the absolute worst I have ever dealt with in any company. I really dont understand why there is no one to call and online would be great option or chat like there is however the wait is forever to hear anything. Any suggestions I have even replaced the cable thinking I had extra and it said to replace if jsut reconnecting wouldnt work. Still wont read.

Other than carefully inspecting the cable connections, I don’t have a clue. I had a similar issue that stumped me, and I eventually noticed a clamp on the cable connection was lifted.


Yes, I have checked all several times I appreciate the recommendation though.

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You’re welcome. So you never had any connection issues? Have you tried using your phone as a hotspot? That would eliminate any WiFi problems as the issue. The WiFi on these machines can be finicky. There is a robust conversation between the laser and servers during calibration at startup and any interference can interrupt that. Good Luck!


I havent tried from phone not even sure how to do that lol but i will research and try. I just switched to a higher internet speed and new service provider. However I have tried to reconnect to wifi and says that it is all ok until i turn it onHowever, now it is giving the camera error. It would be nice if tech would reach back out to us in timely manners smh…

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Turn on HotSport functionality on your phone, create or note the SSID and password, then repeat the wifi setup process for the Glowforge and select that instead.

If you’ve not cleaned or otherwise fiddled with the machine to cause a problem (the cause of MANY problems here), then it could be the new wifi and using the phone will eliminate that as the source of the problem.


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