Not centering

I turned my Glowforge on today and it has been stuck on “centering” for hours. I am not sure what to try to fix this! I have something to delivery in one hour

With the machine off, gently slide the carriage forward and move the print head directly under the camera. Turn the machine back on and see if that works.

Search this forum for several other things to try as well - like removing the material from the bed and adjusting the room lighting.


I am just a Glowforge owner, not a Glowforge employee. Support will undoubtedly contact you soon or you can try their online support chat. In the meantime, I suggest you remove your phone numbers from this public forum. Support will contact you via email or this forum. Sorry I couldn’t help.

There are multiple reasons that can cause the machine to get stuck in centering. Make sure you have checked for all the possibilities.

The most common ones are Wifi related, if the signal is dropped while a command is being sent, the machine will get stuck until the router, computer and machine are rebooted. You can try that first.

It’s also possible that the visuals on the camera have been affected. Try cleaning the lens in the lid, and cleaning off the top of the print head so that the logo on top is clearly visible.

Remove any strong magnets on the sheet during the centering process. They can cause trouble. (As a matter of fact, I won’t use magnets at all, they cause more problems than they are worth.)

Check the connections on both the white ribbon cable, and the black cables that run across the top of the lid, make sure they are secure and pressed all the way in. For that issue, support will need to take a look at the logs for your machine and will tell you what to do next, but you can check the other issues listed.


Hi @poliana I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.