Not completing cuts

Hi all, my GF seems to be having trouble completing its cuts. No matter what I run it on, I keep running into problems like this. Any suggestions?

Edited to add: if I run the cut a second time, it works fine.

That’s a weird one! You’ve opened a support ticket by posting in this section, so they’ll be along soon to help. They’ll probably want you to print a Gift of Good Measure on PG material at default settings and post photos, so if you want to save some time you could go ahead and get that done. Also include date / time / timezone of the print to make it easier for them to find in the logs.

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My machine is a crap fest right now.
While you’re waiting for there slow service.

Try this.
Put any piece of wood in and close lid.
Click on Thick Maple Plywood for your proofgrade setting and then open that and move the lever from 150 to 147.
Proceed to cut.
If it works only on that setting like mine does. Then that means you got a lemon like I did.

Post your results.

Those results are typical of a failing power supply, although usually not as repeatable. If it happens on the Gift of good measure, then support will likely need to replace/repair the machine.

This really isn’t particularly helpful to the original poster. If you want support to address your issue you will need to start your own discussion thread.

It is very helpful for the poster. Making them try a different setting. It sounds just like my issue with this refurbished lemon that I currently have.

Gift of Good Measure. Didn’t cut one of the circles. Thick proof grade draft board. Time about 10:45 EST.


Second attempt at 10:59 is exactly the same. Will try Jason’s suggestion now.

Got the same results with Jason’s suggestion. Oddly enough, if I run the cut circles operation and ignore all of the other steps, it will cut the circle out.

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Almost certainly looks like a failing power supply. Sorry. Support can confirm by checking logs for that print.


I’m so sorry to see that your prints are not turning out as expected. I’ve just reached out by email with the next steps.

We’ll continue to work on this there, so this post will be closed.