Not connecting to internet

So there must be an issue with Chrome

The team is looking into this.

For anyone experiencing an issue, can you try clearing your browser cache and refreshing and let me know if that resolves it for you?

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Got it working with a tablet and now cutting. not sure of others as I do not want to crash it.

did they ever get the GFUI working on two things simultaneously? It did not in the past but have not looked lately. just a quick click and it appears to work on the computer now.

It’s working now! Thanks!

Same issue here. Chrome won’t connect. Safari is burning fine. (Mac, Louisville, KY)

I’m so glad we have this forum!

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OMG, these people have given me so much. Id say a third of the support issues are addressed by the team. The rest - is handled here. Solid gold.:sunglasses:


Thanks again for letting us know about this! If you run into any other trouble, please start a new thread. Happy printing!