Not cuting through

I have wasted so much material (and time), due to my Glowforge not cutting through. Even when I use proofgrade materials, it doesn’t cut through. For example, because I’ve had this issue before, I have been selecting “Thick Draftboard” when I am using medium draftboard, just to assure it cuts through. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. Could someone please assist? I am so frustrated. i can’t keep wasting money and materials.

Selecting the wrong material is not the way to solve this problem. The Glowforge does not exert additional power because you tell it that it is cutting thicker material.

When things don’t cut through there are some easy things to check. Make sure that the honeycomb tray is properly seated in the grooves in the Glowforge floor. Make sure that all of the optics are clean - the side windows, the lens, the mirror and the small windows on the underside of the printhead. Wipe off the lid camera lens and make sure you are using the set focus tool before placing your file. Make sure your material is held flat against the honeycomb tray, and finally make sure your fans are clean.

Do your cuts almost go through or barely mark the top surface. Are you using Proofgrade material with Proofgrade settings?


I do not adjust settings with proofgrade material. I actually didnt know you could do that (I’m still learning my machine). I will just clean the lenses each time. I have gotten results doing that before, but it seems like I’ll have to do it more often. Thank you for your feedback. Much appreciated!

This…is changing the settings. @dklgood gave you some very good tips…give them a try and post back again, please.


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