Not cutting all the way through proofgrade medium draftboard

I am not getting a full cut through medium draftboard.
The focus lense arrow is pointed up.

Cut depth is approximately 1.65 mm.

Material thickness is 3.38 mm.

Lense cleanliness

Focus lense

Bottom lense

Mirror hole

Mirror, small dot found. The dot will not wipe off. Picture of dot under microscope

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Bed level




Have you checked that you are using the correct settings? It really looks to me like the settings are too low for the material, as if they are for a material that takes less energy to cut through.

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Just wanted to say great job on the pictures for the support folks!


I had it use the default values for medium draftboard.

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Thank you!


Hi @jdude, thank you for providing us with all of these great photos! We sent you a follow-up over email, have you been able to check the status of that?

Hi! I didn’t see the prior email, it may have been accidentally deleted. What would be the next steps in troubleshooting?