Not cutting, engraving, scoring

My GF was working nicely. Finished one piece, then about to start another.

Using GF proof grade materials and a file from the GF catelog. The problem is everything looks good, except that nothing is cutting, engraving or scoring.

Everything was clean, but I went ahead and cleaned everything again. I stopped the GF and restarted my GF software a few times. I tried a different file, and changed over to GF proof grade plywood. Same problem.

Have you any guidance for me on what to do?

Thank you.

I have taken videos and pictures to show you what is happening. It is now 8.28pm CPT (Houston).

Unfortunately, I cannot upload the video as I don’t have a cloud based server.

I did clean the mirrors and lenses again before trying. They look spotless.

I have only had this GF Pro a few days. It is a refurbished model to replace the new one I purchased in October and received late November.

It has been working nicely.

Sadly that image is tiny and unreadable. Can you re-load the full-sized version?
You can upload the video to YouTube and then post the link here.

In the meantime, do your commands on the left say “CUT” or do they have numbers? If it’s numbers you may have accidently gone into manual settings which lowers the power to 1.

Hi @debbie1, I see that you’ve also emailed us about this issue and I’ve just sent a response to you there.

To avoid duplicate communication, I’m going to close this thread and will continue working with you over email.