Not cutting even after calibration

I was hoping my first post would be an awesome design after a few years of stalking the forum… lol. Got my Glowforge yesterday and made a few prints on Medium Draftboard. Last night and today as I got further to the right on the draftboard, it stopped cutting through. I calibrated and it’s definitely off top right to bottom right on a pretty level table. This is less than 10 prints or an hour-ish of cutting.
Hoping it’s user error…

Level isn’t as important as FLAT. If the body of your GF has a slight twist in it, it could cause this. An easy way to tell is if your top lid rubs on one side when you open and close it. Try sticking a few layers of paper under one corner and then another, until the lid is closing smoothly, and then try cutting on the right side again.

Fingers crossed it’s an easy fix!


Yeah. I noticed the lid on the left sticks up a little, but Not very much. I have an email back and forth with support so we’ll see. I would hope I wouldn’t have to rig a machine after paying close to $6K. Fingers crossed as well.

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.