Not cutting on the right side

we just got our pro Friday. got it set up Saturday. cut the good messure file and the gift tag file great. I did all these on the left side of the proof grade draft board. Sunday was going to cut the 8 conpartment tray off here. Everything on the left side cut great from the further it got to the right the less it cut to not cutting at all on the right. Help what do I do?

You need to take photos and email Not cutting on one side means one of the mirrors in the laser arm was probably knocked out of alignment during shipping. It’s not fixable at home, you’ll be getting a replacement machine.


Since you just got it you’re under warranty and you’ll definitely want to contact support by emailing them at

That being said it may be that your mirror was bumped in transport - and that requires it to be returned and exchanged, but there’s a chance the lens is just dirty from the testing they do before they ship out machines so first things first, go through and wipe everything that needs wiping - and then run that Gift of Good Measure in the bottom right corner and see how it looks.


We took all kinds of pics and sent to them yesterday. have heard back from them. but I’m sure know was there on Sunday. Was just hoping they was something I could do. Thank You

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Yes we cleaned all those and we have took pics of everything as we cleaned. We sent support yeasterday.

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I got mine Saturday and its doing the same thing. But on the left it doesn’t cut all the way through. Already sent pics and videos, no one has replied to me yet. I am very disappointed.

They don’t work on weekends, so responses will take longer on a Monday since you have a pileup over the weekend. On the left it’s not the mirror. Might be worth opening your own post in CS and post pictures and we might be able to assist.

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